The Gates of Hell
Published by Elléments Magazine July 2017
Inspired by Houston Texas designer Kim Nguyen's Shattered Collection, The Gates of Hell is a visual narrative about a supernatural being who survives a fatal accident in the Namibian Desert. Scavenging elements of the crash site, she is able to sustain life in a place the locals call the gates of hell. 
Photography Process
Part of this shoot was accomplished with a diorama made of sand and a toy planes. The studio set was built from wood and paper to replicate an aluminum fuselage. See behind the scene imagery below. 
Natalie Barry & Assistant (MUA)
Grace Mckinney (Model)
Agency Neal Hamil (Agency)
Kim Nguyen (Fashion Designer)
Jeanette Stagg (Hair Stylist)
Merchant and Market Houston (Jewelry)

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