Detached. History War Technology Retro Fashion Muted Brown and Green​​​​​.

January 2023 Houston, Texas, USA. In a room 700 feet underground five women wage war against Planet Trappist discovered by NASA in 2017. Detached from the world above, they are known as Silent Regiment 5 (SR-5), descendants from female codebreakers of WWII. SR-5 have been underground for 3 years in bunker 5X7A deciphering alien communication. Original deployment was scheduled for 9 months. Not knowing when they will return to the surface, the only way to cope is to psychologically detach from reality. In this suspended state of detachment they are able to intercept and decipher alien communication.
Day 394. Gasping for air, oblivious to the cold, Nell sat up in bed. A disturbing dream overcame her and adrenaline shot through her body. Her arms were tingling. She was a young girl. Her hair was naturally brown painted with streaks of blonde. Her fingertips were callous from typing long hours. Her ears ached from the vice of a government issued headset. A robotic purpose enveloped her as she droned through the daily task of fighting a war she didn't start. Government psychologists tried to design accommodations and clothing to reflect fond memories of earth. Each girl received 5 garments which they rotated daily. Nell took solace in the memories of her clothes. Monday was her favorite. Monday was a chocolate suede skirt and soft vanilla silk blouse, a faint memory of life in the warm sun and tall grass. The other girls wore similar garments of size and texture, specifically chosen for their personality. Blue was stability, red was war, green was harmony, and white was peace. To maximize intelligent efficiency, the government perfectly designed blended colors and textures to remind each girl of life on earth – What they didn't anticipate was having to leave their female special agents in a suffocating stoic ocean of time. 
Direction & Inspiration 
Detached is a fashion photography series characteristic of Shane's photography direction and style. He loves to think of the future and what it may bring but is not naive in thinking it is always progressive. This can be seen in the color, style, and use of props. The set was custom built from a 2X4 into a foldable 8X8 wall, and portrays a traditional tone with a futuristic purpose. Use of a landline phone and typewriter personifies the ability to win or wage battle by traditional methods of thinking outside the box. 
Photography / Concept / Direction: Shane Qureshi 
Assistant / Stylist / MUA: Giselle Yeung 
MUA: Gabi Garza 
Model: Mary Nell Smith
Model: Rachael Stanley 
Model: Victoria Tamez
Model: Cayden Yang
Model: Chandler Bowersox
Clothing: Pavement Clothing Houston
Props: Merchant & Market Houston

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